Who Can Register?

Almost anyone can register, but you will not be accepted if:

How to Apply

Complete a registration form – available from any of the partners. If you require assistance in completing the form we will be pleased to help you or you can view our guide.

To enable us to deal with your request as quickly as possible, please complete all the sections and return with any documents required.

The partnership will provide help when required e.g.

What Happens When You Apply?

our registration will be prioritised using the banding system. You will be sent a letter notifying you of the band you are in and your membership number. You will also be sent a membership card. This is needed in order to bid for a property.

When you join the register your registration will be placed in date order within the appropriate band.

If your application is not accepted you will be sent a letter advising of this and the reason(s) for refusal and you will be given the opportunity to appeal.

Change of Circumstances

If your circumstances change, you will need to fill in a “change of circumstances” form. If you change address, you must complete a new registration form:

Your membership will be affected if you do not notify us of changes in your circumstances.

Local Connection

A Local Connection is defined as:

What Sort of Property Can I Apply For?

Adverts will give information on who will be eligible to apply for the property, e.g. 3 bed house – couple or single parent with 2 or more children or 1 bed bungalow – couple or single over 60 or over 50 with medical need.

Bidding For a Home

Bidding closes at 10 am on a Friday morning. Providing you fit the criteria stated in the advert, you may bid on as many properties as you wish to each week, in any of the following ways:

A daytime contact telephone number will be required.

Assisted Persons List

If you find it difficult to understand the Choice Based Lettings Scheme and how to bid for properties, Boston Borough Council may provide you with additional help through the Assisted Persons List. Please ask for more details.

Selection and Offers of Accommodation

The primary aim of the Partnership is to maintain balanced and stable communities. In order to achieve this there may be occasions when the Member who has the greatest priority within the scheme may not be offered a particular property.

If your bid is selected, your membership details, including rent arrears, repayment agreements, and family status will be checked before a formal offer is made. You will be contacted by phone and invited to view the property, by the end of the bidding deadline week. If we are not able to contact you within that period, we will select another applicant.

If you refuse a property your registration will be re-dated to the date when the Offer was made. If you refuse 2 offers, your registration will be suspended pending an interview regarding your housing requirements.


Our property magazine will provide you with feedback on let properties. This will help you with your future bids. Feedback will include: