1 - Apply to go onto the Housing Register
Almost anyone can apply to join the scheme. You could be an existing tenant wanting to transfer, you might be renting from a private landlord, an owner occupier, living with family or friends or homeless.
2 - Confirmation
You will be sent a letter confirming you are a registered member, it will tell you: the band you are in, your Application date, your Membership Number.
3 - Finding a Home

Properties are advertised in:

  • Homechoice Magazine
  • Partner’s websites
  • Reception Areas
4 - Bidding for a Home
If you fit the criteria stated in the advert, you may bid for that property by:
  • Coupon
  • Partner’s websites / e-mail
  • Text or the hotline phone number
  • Through the Assisted Persons List
  • In person at any of the Partner’s reception areas
5 - Selection
If there is more than one applicant for an advertised home, we will select the one in the highest band, who has been registered the longest.
6 - Offer

If your bid is selected, all your registration details will be checked. You will then be made a formal offer and be invited to view the property. Once the keys are available, sign up for your new tenancy will be arranged.

7 - Feedback
In each Homechoice Magazine we will print details of how many people have bid for previously advertised properties and the date and band of the successful member.